This series is a reflection of the human experience without any physical presence of an actual human. It is the life we live laid out in front of us. It's half eaten yogurt and beat up notebooks. This is a reflection of life in progress through objects. We consume, we hurt, we hoard, and we die. Our lives are in constant progression. More often than not, these progressions are viewed through the body of a person. We see scraps bleed and  skin heal. We sees mouths bite and pills swallowed in a throat. My focus is on the things we touch, and how they look through our use of them in the most simplistic state. This series originally is printed on 13x19 Canson Platine Fine Art Paper in Chicago, IL, 2016. It's displayed in a grid format with little space between prints.  There is no compositing or digital manipulation in the series. Everything is a recording. Various props were used in the making of this project. Every image is composed the exact same way in order to maintain consistency.