My original approach to this project was very different from how this series turned out. It went from something very literal and precise to something obscure and revealing. Instead of portraying a scene or picture of a specific moment, I told a story with no clear storyline that conveyed a certain feeling of sadness. There is a particular honesty to these images. Depression is an empty room, terribly lit. It's often hard to see your own feet. It's heavy, and just takes over your entire existence. Everything begins to feel like this room no matter where you are. And with all this negative space around you, you begin to fill yourself with doubt and loneliness. I have not ever known a truer statement than, "Pain demands to be felt." Because you can hide in corners, you can close your eyes. Sleep as much as you like, but when you wake, the things that hurt will flood in and leave you alone in this room. Pain demands to be felt. I am asking you to feel it. 

This series was originally printed on 17x22 Canson Platine Fine Art Paper in New York, 2014. It was printed using QuadToneRip toning techniques to create the slightly purple hues.


References: Green, John. The Fault in Our Stars. New York: Speak, 2012. Print.